Preventing Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is never fun, and it is a big inconvenience if you are headed out on a road trip. Some people experience motion sickness after just a few short miles. Other people have trouble on longer road trips. Luckily, we here at Audi Warwick have some tips to help you prevent motion sickness on your next outing.
  • Motion sickness often kicks in less frequently when you are the one driving. If you are headed out on a shorter trip, then you can offer to drive the majority of the way.
  • You can pack your bag with ginger-based products to munch on during the trip. Ginger is a natural way to prevent motion sickness.
  • If you are a passenger, you will want to sit in the front seat and look out the front window. Motion sickness creeps up most often when you stare out the side window or sit in the back.



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