Achieve Better Fuel Economy By Reducing Cargo Weight

If you have noticed a recent dip in fuel efficiency while driving, you may want to clean out your vehicle. Excess cargo weight can have a serious effect on how your car uses fuel. We want you to be informed and make the most out of your fuel investment, so here are some things you need to know.

It doesn't take much to reduce fuel economy. An extra 100 pounds can cause a decrease of up to 1%. The added weight puts more stress on the engine, causing it to work harder. Another thing that can affect weight is where you put the extra cargo. If you place it in a rooftop box, you may experience as much as a 25% drop in efficiency. This is due to increased drag.

We invite you to get your vehicle serviced at Audi Warwick. We can make sure that your engine is running smoothly so that you can get the best fuel economy possible.



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