Audi S4 Technology Features for 2018

With first-class materials and a large cabin, the Audi A4 is top-ranked in the luxury small car market according to US News & World Report. The technology options are also incredible in this latest version, where you can get handwriting and voice recognition, as well as an incredible LCD display, driver safety features, and lots of premium upgrades.

The new driver display in the Audi A4 spans 12.5 inches, which is one of the largest screens in the vehicle market right now. In addition, you get surround sound, voice-enabled controls, Apple CarPlay, and Android Audio. You can do pretty much everything from the driver seat, making it your command center. You also get driver safety features such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure alerts, and traffic alerts.

You can test drive the new Audi A4 and see all of the new technology features at Audi Warwick. Schedule a test drive today!



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